"Mentored Pathways has provided unique opportunities for our biomedical students to engage, collaborate, and learn from experts within the healthcare sector. We have dedicated mentors from Colorado as well as around the globe that have challenged and supported our students to develop greater depth of knowledge and more professional projects. Additionally students see the value and need for collaboration and utilizing individual team member strengths in order to design creative solutions that have been vetted according to industry standards. 

The Mentored Pathways Career and Academic Portfolio Asset is a tool that students can leverage to make long term plans that will help them in pursuing career goals. So many students leave high school (and even college) without a clear understanding of what is needed to successfully enter the professional realm. This asset encourages high school students to explore not just the initial college requirements but much further beyond so that they have a true awareness of the professional demands within their career. Having their academic/career plans reviewed by a professional clarifies strengths and weaknesses so that students can adapt when challenges arise.

I have found mentors to be a tremendous support within the classroom for both students and myself. Their expertise within the medical field can be called upon to troubleshoot, gain greater insight, and stay updated on current practices in healthcare. I look forward to inviting experts as mentors to share their knowledge and experiences with students. I’ve found that engaging with guest speakers to be one of the most valuable learning opportunities for students. Students have indicated how beneficial engaging and asking questions of experts has been in developing their skills and knowledge."

-Veronica Randall, Prairie View High School
PLTW Biomedical Sciences
HOSA Advisor 


"Thank you so much for helping me become a better learner and a better thinker. All the skills that you have taught me and the countless writing, thinking and project tips, I will never ever forget. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much for helping me find pieces of myself I never knew existed.”

Megan, Student Preston Middle School, Fort Collins, CO


"Rather than simply teaching facts about ecology, this process mimics real-world situations and incorporates steps that most students may not otherwise associate with learning about science. Offering this real-world experience has been incredibly valuable to the students and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Zac Wiebe, Mentor, Conservation Professional, Larimer County Colorado


"There are many educational benefits to having students work collaboratively with online mentors, and I have seen tremendous growth in their skills in planning, collaborating, writing, using technology to research and communicate, and goal-setting through their participation in the process.”

Joan Turek, Teacher Parkway High School, Bossier City, Louisiana