All of our participants make a commitment to adhere to these constructive values when they work with us:

  • Diligent participation.
  • Twice weekly online communication with your mentor or mentee.
  • Accountable to your mentor or mentee.
  • Respect our World Mentor community.

Become a Mentor

As a professional, you're in an invaluable position to improve the life of a student. You draw on wisdom you've gained from your investment in your career and pass it on to someone who wants to learn from you. You become the sage expert for your mentee, who thrives from your reflection. Teachers appreciate you too, as you enable students to take the materials teachers and apply it to authentic problems. School material suddenly becomes useful, meaningful and sticky.

Through this experiential learning, your mentee engages in a journey in which he or she discovers their personal strengths, interests and even passions.

You help your mentee grapple with career-related  issues in response to questions posed on our platform. So your mentee develops a compass to guide his or her career decisions. 

You and your mentee develop a portfolio of authentic work, a solid career plan and a professional network.

By virtue of this experience, you have an exceptional opportunity to advance your own career development. "The best way to learn is to teach." As you engage with your mentee, you face authentic challenges together. You solve real-world problems that often pertain to your career.


Become a Mentee 

As a mentee, you have a rare opportunity to engage with industry professionals. You apply online in a competitive application process. Once accepted, you are linked with a professional with whom you communicate online twice a week. This is a collaborative process in which you can ask questions, suggest hypotheses, seek advice, and generally figure things out. Your mentor reflects on your work so you're not in the dark or kept guessing; you have the professional wisdom of your mentor to shine a light on new questions and realistic answers. 

You get a window into the real professional world. You learn what's actually happening in industry, in areas that interest you. You have the opportunity to apply the material you're learning to actual challenges that interest you.

Research shows that mentored reflection turbo-charges your problem solving skills! In particular, you learn:

  • sharper critical thinking skills
  • better creative problem solving
  • skills to cope wisely with change
  • skills of innovation
  • our unique Bionic Learning model 

Set yourself on a path to prepare for future careers that don't yet even exist.


Apply as a Teacher

As a WM teacher, you gain an expert for every student in your classroom. If you are in a pathways program, you're eligible to have your students mentored over multiple years.

You become empowered to achieve extraordinary results, and resources from mentors that don't exist without Mentored Pathways.

Your students become engaged in the material you're teaching. They suddenly pay more attention.

Since you too get a window into the world of mentors, you have a steady stream of new knowledge and insights. You develop professionally in ways that were formerly inaccessible.

Become a Lead Mentor

As a lead mentor, you oversee conversations with groups of mentees and mentors. Sometimes groups of mentees will be in one class, in which case you complement the important work of teachers. Sometimes your group will be students who subscribe independently to our mentoring projects. In both cases, you help improve the quality of education for all of the mentees with whom you engage. 

You also become acquainted with a small community of students and mentors whom you get to know by virtue of their conversations. You keep their conversations going by advising participants of special circumstances, vacation breaks and other exigencies of life.