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Students & Parents:

Ready to cross the bridge that leads to a meaningful career? It all starts with a plan and mentored support. We help students develop a portfolio of work, a solid career plan and a professional network. For over 25 years, no other program sets the bar this high and delivers results, one student at a time.


Searching for a way to invest in the next generation while ensuring every ounce of your energy goes directly to helping a student? Mentored Pathways handles all the scheduling and details for you, allowing you to spend your valuable time making a difference for students.


Wishing there was a way for your students to apply what they learn in school to real-world experiences? We create opportunities for students to tackle real issues in their area of interest. Students also create and leverage a portfolio of work, a solid academic and career plan and a professional network.


Looking for a way to help your employees invest in the next generation without leaving work? Are you interested in developing a successful talent pipeline? Mentored Pathways provides an important bridge between the needs of industry and education by pairing students with business professionals from around the world who act as personal mentors in a safe, virtually-mentored environment.